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CD In Praise of Tea


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CD 'In Praise of Tea' (2005) is a unique introduction to tea and classical guitar music by Czech classical guitarist and composer Stepan Rak.

    Content/ Songs: 1. Jasmine Tea 2. Poetic Rose Tea 3. Under the Tree of Tea 4. English Earl Grey 5. Granma's Garden 6. Irish Tea 7. Bombay Memories 8. Tibetan Tea with Yak Butter 9. Chinese Pu Erh 10. Ceylon 11. Japanese Gyokuro 12. Formosa 13. Vietnam 14. Indian Assam 15. South African Rooibos 16. Indian Darjeeling 17. Turkish Rize 18. Russian Dumka 19. Yogi Tea with Milk and Spices 20. Russian Caravan 21. Memories of the Tea King 22. Chrismas Tea


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