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Long Jing (Dragon Well) 'Tiger Spring'

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This is a line of famous tea called Long Jing 'Tiger Spring' and should not be confused with the standard grade Long Jing more widely available. It is from the Chinese province of Zhejiang, near the town Hangzhou. It is named after the best source of water in Tiyun Mountains - the Tiger Spring. This tea has a flat, light green to slightly yellow coloured leaf and is considered to be one of the very best green teas in China. When the leaves are infused they give refreshing, light green infusion of fine taste and aroma. The taste is excellent even after repeated infusions. This Dragon Well 'Tiger Spring' tea is exclusively hand-processed in large metal bowls. We fell in love with this tea so much that we decided to name ourselves after it, hence our company name 'Tiger Spring Tea'.

  • Type: Green Tea
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Water temperature: 75-80° C
  • Infuse for: 1 min, then repeat infusions.

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